Sweet Jesus in a Slayer shirt


JP - The gist of the article (I read it so you don’t have to, but if you need your daily requirement of rage, go read it) is that as women get older, they want a man with money, stability, etc. plus, as if that weren’t stupid enough, he says Romney is evolutionarily more of a man than Obama because he has 5 sons and most of his grandchildren are male.

A quote from the article: “Obama?  Two daughters.  May as well give the guy a cardigan.  And fallopian tubes.”

I didn’t think there was a way to cram that much misogynistic, man-flag waving, I AM A MAYUN! bullshit into such a short article, but they found a way.

D - And what is this bullshit?  ”…the only 40-year-old woman Jack Nicholson has ever seen naked is Kathy Bates in that horrific hot-tub scene.” Have these people not seen Something’s Gotta Give?  Diane Keaton gives him the Full Monty!

JP - Priorities, Darian.

D - I know, but I couldn’t let that one slide.

That explains a lot. actually. My mom and grandma are for Romney, but I’m not.

And also people are stupid.